Versatility To Power

Manufactured in Germany, the Volvo EW180E wheel excavator is an efficient and versatile machine, capable of making your day-to-day work more accessible and also of increasing productivity. Transport all your tools in one trip and save unnecessary trips.

How To Recover Or Obtain A Duplicate Of The Trailer

 The technical sheet or particular inspection card is the document that contains all the characteristics of the trailer, something like its homogenization certificate, and it is mandatory to carry it whenever you drive with a trailer attached with an MMA equal to or less than 750 kilos. Not presenting it in a traffic control will result in a minimum sanction of 10 euros, which can reach up to € 500 if we lack such documentation. That is why it is so essential to obtain a duplicate in case of loss or loss.

The issuance of this documentation corresponds to the Technical Inspection of Vehicles, the only authorized body to issue a duplicate of the technical sheet. But since the trailers are not registered, and the ITV stations do not have enough information to publish this document, the law – Royal Decree 750/2010 of June 4 – requires documentary proof that the trailer meets all the requirements or approval procedures with the presentation of a reduced technical file, also called the certificate of characteristics.

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